It has been over a week since my first blogpost; 11 whole days to be precise. I'm already a little disappointed in myself however I refuse to admit defeat at the hands of a blogging hiatus yet again. 

Blogmas is the perfect solution. I need a challenge and what better than to write 25 blogposts in 25 days. 1-a-day. I know you're not stupid and don't need that pointing out but I just needed to reiterate that for myself and thus confirm my blatant insanity. I must be crazy to go from no blogposts for over a year to one every day for a month. If emojis were Blogger-friendly, I would insert the upside-down smiley face here.

I am (somewhat) joking, of course. This will be good for me. Over the years, I have exhibited embarrassing behaviour here on my blog. I'm a commitment-phobe but I don't want to be a commitment-phobe anymore and so this December, everything changes. 

Do all Blogmas blogposts have to be festive? I hope not because mine won't be. I'm sorry (!) but I'm sure your Bloglovin' feeds will be oversaturated with Christmassy content anyway. My blog will nonetheless provide you with a daily dose of something special. Throughout this month, you'll get to know the girl behind the blog a little better. I'll share my unhealthy obsessions and reveal a few deep, dark (and maybe dirty) secrets. Oh, and you'll see me turn 22! If I do manage to suppress my inner Grinch, you can expect an unrealistic Christmas wishlist and the ultimate unique gift guide.

 On an unrelated note, I can't quite fathom that 2016 draws to a close in 31 days. Fuck. 


a re-introduction

It's been a while; a few years to precise. The story of why I disappeared from the blogosphere is not uninteresting but will remain untold for now. I now return with an obligatory introductory post which will do exactly that: introduce me and my blog.

My name is Ayaan. I'm a final year Geography student at the University of Sheffield and thank fuck that's almost over. And yes, the use of a profanity is entirely appropriate. University is tough; a real challenge. Away from the freshers flat parties and romantic room tours are some serious student struggles.

I use writing as a coping mechanism: to cope through the everyday life of being a twenty-something year old who is, quite literally, lost in transit. On Girl Lost in Transit, I'll be blogging about my life. My dissertation hasn't started writing itself yet and my post-university plans are currently non-existent. Queue the #relatable posts. Of course inbetween self-loathing, I'll become a self-proclaimed lifestyle blogger documenting fun things I do, cool places I visit and instagrammable food I eat.

In addition to lifestyle, I hope to offer my advice in the form sharing my mistakes that you should definitely learn from and you'll also be able to have a good laugh (or cry) at. I'll be talking sex and relationships; mental health and wellbeing; and maybe (very occasionally) fashion and beauty.

The very first *official* blog post from me will be up within the next few days so you should probably follow me or else you'll miss my debut. All my social media links are nicely organised on the right hand side for easy access.