It has been over a week since my first blogpost; 11 whole days to be precise. I'm already a little disappointed in myself however I refuse to admit defeat at the hands of a blogging hiatus yet again. 

Blogmas is the perfect solution. I need a challenge and what better than to write 25 blogposts in 25 days. 1-a-day. I know you're not stupid and don't need that pointing out but I just needed to reiterate that for myself and thus confirm my blatant insanity. I must be crazy to go from no blogposts for over a year to one every day for a month. If emojis were Blogger-friendly, I would insert the upside-down smiley face here.

I am (somewhat) joking, of course. This will be good for me. Over the years, I have exhibited embarrassing behaviour here on my blog. I'm a commitment-phobe but I don't want to be a commitment-phobe anymore and so this December, everything changes. 

Do all Blogmas blogposts have to be festive? I hope not because mine won't be. I'm sorry (!) but I'm sure your Bloglovin' feeds will be oversaturated with Christmassy content anyway. My blog will nonetheless provide you with a daily dose of something special. Throughout this month, you'll get to know the girl behind the blog a little better. I'll share my unhealthy obsessions and reveal a few deep, dark (and maybe dirty) secrets. Oh, and you'll see me turn 22! If I do manage to suppress my inner Grinch, you can expect an unrealistic Christmas wishlist and the ultimate unique gift guide.

 On an unrelated note, I can't quite fathom that 2016 draws to a close in 31 days. Fuck. 

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