3 etsy shops you need to visit

I'm sure you're all terribly tired of generic gift guides by now and so I'm recommending 3 of my personal favourite Etsy shops that you should visit this Christmas. There you will find

ThumbsDesign is run by a guy called Nick Thompson who is a London based illustrator who produces pop culture inspiried pin badges, prints and stickers. He has a range of mashup series but the Simpsons x Pokémon one is by far my favourite. A unique character is created using one of the original 151 Pokémon combined with one of the Simpsons which is then printed as a sticker or made into a pin badge. There are even matching collectable trading cards. I love these three designs the most: Maude Flanders x Ghastly, Marge x Lapras and Sideshowbob x Exeggcutor. Just imagine how good those stickers would look on a laptop and a backpack always needs another badge. This is one for the geeks.

simpsons x pokemon

Oh gosh, Cindy! by Cindy Lesman is another pop culture illustrator and she uses beautiful watercolours to paint our TV and film favourites on to greeting cards and prints. Cindy also includes a notable quote from each character on each piece. These Friends prints and christmas cards are perfect for any friend who can recite each episode word for word.

Emily Coxhead is 'sprinkling a tiny bit of happiness all over the planet'. She is the creator of The Happy Newspaper which is a newspaper designed to deliver only positive stories about wonderful people and places to your door every few months. In her shop you will also find greeting cards, prints and stationery. Not only does the stationery look beautiful, you just know that each piece is carefully crafted with love. If you have someone in your life who needs some everyday encouragement, one of these notebooks or memo pads would make a welcome addition to their desk. The I hereby solemnly swear that... I will not compare myself to a stranger on Instagram set is equally adorable.

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