the best of vlogmas

Christmas is the time where all my favourite YouTubers become daily vloggers. I don'y have an advent calendar this year and so Vlogmas is the next best thing. Here's a lost of who I'm watching and you should be watching too!

I was seriously having withdrawal symptons from her vlogs since Vlogtober ended. Jess inspires me to be a better student. Additionally, her wardrobe is to die for but that's only proved dangerous for my bank account.

Daina and Ahmet
I just love these guys. The way they capture their relationship on-screen is heartwarming. Daina also runs a fashion, beauty and lifestyle channel called Tootsie Time which I'm also subbed to.

Gabriella Lindley
I relate to this girl on so many levels. I wish I could be her friend. She's only kinda doing Vlogmas but she still deserves a mention.

Eva Marisol
I normally only watch British vloggers but I make an exception for Eva. She's the kind of girl that's effortlessly cool and I'm hoping some of that will rub off on me.

Simi is a YouTuber I accidentally came across but I subscribed to instantly. I miss living in London and watching her vlogs is as close as I'm going to get for a long while.

Melanie Murphy
A twist on the traditional Vlogmas but that only makes me all the more excited to tune in. Everyday for 24 days Melanie will upload a video about something she's grateful for. This is the kind of positivity I need in my life.

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