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This tag is designed to fill you in on the intimate details of my life. I am yet to complete the about section of my blog presumably leaving you wondering who I am and what I'm all about, so here goes:

basic stats
Basically, all the boring bits. My name is Ayaan. I turn 22 on Sunday. I was born and raised in London with the exception of a few years where I lived in southern Spain. Currently, I'm living in Sheffield where views like this exist.

photo by By Paolo Margari

what I'm doing with my life
I'm 6 months away from finishing a degree in Geography. University is all consuming.

what I want to be doing with my life
University has sucked all of the life out of me. I want to move back home for a year. I plan to get myself a simple, no pressure min wage job; to enjoy some quality mummy-daughter time; and to write my troubles away here on this very blog. All the while, I can figure out what the hell it actually is that I want to be doing with my life because as it stands, I have no idea.

things I like to do for fun
I spend hours and hours watching vlogs on YouTube of people doing the most mundane tasks because apparently, I find watching others tidy their room strangely satisfying. I teach sex and relationships education to young people through an organisation called Sexpression. The UK currently fails to include anything of the sorts on the national curriculum. I also love a good night out.

the easiest way to make me smile
Food. I'm not fat for no reason, I worked hard to get into this shape. Second to a good night out is the takeaway that follows. I don't have a favourite food. I don't discriminate I like them all except mushrooms because mushrooms are disgusting.

my favourite feel good song
Move On Up by Curtis Mayfield. This song also features in one of my favourite films, Bend it Like Beckham. Go ahead and judge me but it's a classic and you know it. 

a book I can read over and over again
The answer I tell people is We Are All Completely Besides Ourselves by Karen Joy Fowler. The real answer is the Diary of a Chav series by Grace Dent.
an experience I want to relive
The few days I spent in Venice. I travelled solo and met my best friend out there. Just look at how happy I was. Check out my instagram to see more of what I got up to.

my biggest regret I hope to get over one day
University: such a shit show. I've been to two different universities as well. I started a degree in Politics at Warwick and I thought I'd make a mistake in the choice of course. With that in mind, I reapplied to study Geography and gained and accepted a place at Sheffield. Another mistake. Despite my realisation, I stayed and now I'm counting down the days until I leave.

a fact about me that often shocks people
I'm a bouncer. I only work at my Students' Union and so the crowds are relatively tame. Most of the time, I'm rescuing girls found semi-conscious in a pool of their own sick and seeing that they get home safely.

my most embarrassing moment I wish I could forget
There is no one standout moment. I get embarrassed daily and my mind does that thing where it chooses to replays these moments on a loop when I'm most unsuspecting.

three blogs I've discovered (and fallen in love with) recently
1. I Want You To Know
2. Cattitude & Co
3. Pie and Fash

Tag, you're it. Yes, you reading this. My blogger friends are non-existent and so I invite anyone who is reading this to give this get-to-know-me tag a go.

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