I didn't know what I wanted to write in this post. I still don't. I'm hoping if I keep typing, the words I type will form a coherent post that you'll all enjoy reading. I'm not overly optimistic about that happening, or this year, for that matter.

You may wonder why then am I even bothering to write this post at all but it felt wrong posting without addressing the fact that it's 2017.

All of what you've just read, I wrote about a week ago. I left this post abandoned and honestly, I never had any intentions of coming back to finish it.

I told a lie when I said I wasn't overly optimistic about this year. Well, sort of. I am and I'm not. I want to be but it's hard. In fact, it's really fucking difficult to remain positive when it seems you've got nothing to look forward to. That's the things though, it only seems that way. We're only 22 days into the year and so not all hope is lost yet. I need to chill.

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