5 instagram accounts that changed my life forever

I dread to think how many hours I've spent scrolling through Instagram. I recently went on an unfollowing spree because my feed was filled with a shit tonne of crap. This mini-detox did however get me thinking about the IGs that I do actually love and adore and could never bare to unfollow.

My poor eyebrows have been subject to a number of subpar brow products over the years. Put it this way, gels and powders just should not be put on (my) eyebrows. The Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade is such a YouTube Made Me Buy It product but actually for good reason this time. I honestly thought an eyebrow pomade was a gimmick, it had to be a joke, I thought to myself. I was so wrong and this product instantly became a holy grail product. Following my purchase, I became mildly obsessed with eyebrows and I followed @anastasiabeverlyhills to get my daily fix. Watching eyebrow transformations is seriously satisfying.

I follow Alyssa for hair and make-up inspiration. We have pretty much the same hair, down to the curl pattern and everything. She does so much more with her hair then I could ever imagine even attempting. Her make-up is flawless as her username suggests. I'm not a massive fan of Instagram make-up but I make an exception for this girl - I could stare at her face forever. I can't tell whether I just have an innocent girl crush on her or whether I actually fancy her.

I am an OG fishie and unashamedly so. I love that Trisha wears whatever she wants and gives no fucks. I aspire to be more like her. This outfit is just too, too cute. I can't deal. Let's ignore the fact that her phone case has a picture of her and him whose name we shall not mention.

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Liz Climo's illustrations melt my heart. If you need a little light in your life, this is the account for you. Each time I come across one of her posts, I smile without fail. A fun little fact for you: Liz is also an animator for The Simpsons!

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This account is run by Instagram chef, Miguel Barclay. He posts recipes with cost £1 or less such as this crab macaroni cheese. Each recipe honestly just blows my mind. Not only are they ridiculously cheap but they're also so simple and easy to follow. My biggest pet peeve with following recipes is that there's often an ingredient is near impossible to get hold of unless you take a cross-country quest to a farmer's market situated in the Scottish Highlands. Miguel has us covered though, he loves to shop in Lidl and other major supermarkets. He's recently released an entire book dedicated to these recipes which I need in my life.

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