current unhealthy obsessions

This is a glorified favourites post. If you don't obsess unhealthily over something do you even like it? I think not.

What I Wish My Friends Knew by Vix Meldrew
I find it extremely difficult to articulate how depression feels. This blog post does so perfectly. Vix's words on laziness (below) really hit me hard. There's actually a few people in my life who I'm going to be sharing this post with.

"I’m not lazy. One of my favourite phrases is, ‘ugh I just couldn’t be arsed.’ It covers a lot of things – showering, tidying, vacuuming, shopping, eating a decent meal, meeting people, going out, getting up to put something in the bin, going to work, catching up with a friend, taking a phone call or fulfilling a hobby. I want my friends to know that it’s not that I can’t be arsed. It’s that mentally and emotionally I don’t have the energy or brain space for it."

Red Oaks
I first watched Red Oaks about a year ago when I still had the perks of my six-month free Amazon Prime Student subscription. That's long gone now and so I'd sort of forgotten about it until a few days ago. I love Craig Roberts meaning I fancy him. Anyway, he stars in Red Oaks which was enough to make me give it a watch. I kept watching because this 80s coming-of-age comedy is actually pretty entertaining. As my boyfriend would say, it's such a 'me' show.

Waves Crashing on Distant Shores of Time by Clint Mansell
This is on the soundtrack for the Black Mirror episode San Junipero. You know those songs which make you sharply inhale breath when you first hear them? This is one of those. The serenity of this track completely frees my mind of worry. If I had a mindfulness playlist, which I probably should, this would without a doubt feature on it.

Madlove - A Designer Asylum
Last month, I went to visit the exhibition Bedlam: the asylum and beyond at the Wellcome Collection. There was an installation called Madlove - A Designer Asylum and I fell in love with the concept:

"The aim is to build the most crazy, bonkers, mental asylum we dare dream of: a desirable and playful space to ‘go mad’, countering the popular myth that mental illness is dangerous and scary. Together we are attempting to create a unique space where mutual care blossoms, stigma and discrimination are actively challenged, divisions understood, and madness can be experienced in a less painful way."

I will not go into detail here as it deserves a dedicated post which will be up soonish as I've not actually started writing it yet. If you can't wait that long here is a peek at possibly my fave element from the project: My Perfect Day in The Perfect Asylum as told by Wesman. 

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