MH memos: depression

Depression is a killer. Quite literally sometimes. Not in my case, fortunately. Whilst I'm not suicidal, a little part of me does die everyday that I'm depressed. A piece of me disappears; just vanishes magically.

I often wonder to myself: what if I completely wither away? Until all that's left is a hollow existence in place of me. It still wears my face and uses my body but I'm nowhere to be found. A truly terrifying thought.

MH memos is potentially a new series that I just made up. MH stands for mental health for those less well-versed in acronyms and abbreviations. I wanted to write at length on depression however I was having one of those days. You know, the ones where no matter how hard you search no words come to mind that allow you to articulate absolutely anything. I don't normally like these days but maybe, just maybe, this could have been a blessing in disguise and the start of something kinda special. We'll see. 

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