march intentions

I'm currently laying in bed sandwiched between two (yes, two) duvets. A scene that is very much reminiscent of that movie moment where the girl begins writing in her diary. I don't have a diary but I do have a blog, so here goes nothing.

My day, like most days, started off like this:

a shot from This Is Not For You, a photo-series by Sarah Babah 
Pretty standard.

Someone needs to stop me from shopping. Shopping and eating, too, actually. I frequent ASOS daily, usually with a snack in hand, and it's becoming a serious problem. There's a fine line between habit and addiction and I'm worrying close to crossing over. I need to remind myself that window shopping and mindless eating are not hobbies. Other things I have been wasting my time on include pointless arguments with my boyfriend because I'm a walking talking Evil Kermit meme at times - petty AF.

Today, my mum sent me this week's instalment of a Day in the Life of Billy, my dog: a Westie x Jack Russell cross. As usual, it consisted entirely of an image him sprawled out across the sofa looking rather pleased with himself. For the first time in a long time, I feel horribly homesick. My mum is actually at home off sick and curled up on the sofa with Billy and I desperately wish I was there too.

I quite like March. Obviously January is always written off and February is pretty pointless but March is okay. This month, I want to keep it simple. All I want to do is have more good days than bad. I've set myself three goals:

I want to make Cadbury's Creme Egg brownies. I've only ever baked once before and it didn't go horribly therefore I'm optimistic. As Mother's Day approaches, I'm increasingly aware that I'm too broke to buy my mum a present. These will cost no more than a few pounds but the effort makes them a priceless gift. Hopefully. I also just really need an excuse to bake these. If I do a batch for just myself, not only is that quite sad but also potentially dangerous as I will inevitably end up eating every single one.

I need to finish Parks and Recreation. I got midway through season 6 (out of 7) when my Amazon Prime Video membership free trial expired. It took my dumbass a whole week of being sad to realise that I can use a different email address to sign up and get another free 30 days or whatever it is. I'm heavily invested in the relationship between Leslie Knope and Ben Wyatt. When they broke up briefly in the fourth season, that was the closest I'd ever come to a heartbreak of my own.

I'm going to reorganise my music collection. I love to play DJ and until I can learn to DJ for real, Spotify playlists are the next option. After a couple of months of being bored shitless of my music, I've had enough. The time has come to sort it the fuck out, basically. This is not a task to be taken lightly. The music in my life might quite possibly be more important than some of the people in my life.

Yes, these are seriously my March goals, they're just not very serious. I just want to have fun this month.

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