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I couldn't possibly simply just give a casual mention to this place: a dedicated post was entirely necessary. I got so caught up with excitement that I completely missed the opportunity to take any pictures. Instead, I've had to steal some from their website and a few from their Instagram too. I'm sure they won't mind though. Also, if they don't totally match what I'm saying now you know why.

The Cabin is a place I discovered through a hungover Google search which read 'waffles near me'. I went straight to their Instagram and decided to go without even looking at their menu which is available to look at here on their website should you so please.

The Cabin is a pancake, waffle and coffee house located on Fitzwilliam Gate, minutes from The Moor.  A couple of the owners, George and Linz, were horrified one family brunch by the fact that a restaurant had run out of pancakes. The Cabin would let no such thing occur because both the pancakes and the waffles are made to order. But wait, it gets better. They've always got the welfare of people and the planet in mind; they use local ingredients where they can; and they even use ethically-sourced coffee and eco-friendly packaging.

The Cabin is the kind of place that unites anyone and everyone through their shared love of pancakes, waffles and coffee. The hungover students like me who need a lot of food and free wifi to check Facebook for any incriminating behaviour of the night before. The professional who hates all his colleagues at work and needs a place to escape for an hour at lunch for his daily bagel. The couple who always argue about where to eat who have now found common ground in this place where the food and drink is that good it shuts them both up. The Mum and her best friend who do cake and coffee every week, once a week and need a place to gossip until their hearts consent.

The interior is inspired by a log cabin you might expect to find in the Rocky Mountains which you can actually see in the pictures which are hung up everywhere. The best way to describe The Cabin is: a home from home. I could never relax in a Starbucks, for example. Here, I didn't just feel comfortable but cozy. I could lose hours in there, sat on the sofa with my laptop and the dessert of the day.

The menu is fairly simple. There is a variety of sweet and savoury toppings to be had on either your waffles or pancakes. I had waffles with The Works: eggs, bacon and sausage. I have never had savoury topped waffle before but I don't need anything to compare it to to know that these are the best in Sheffield and possibly beyond. Scrambled eggs are so easy to cook but I've still been left disappointed and a little disgusted eating out before but not here at The Cabin. They were moist and creamy and perfect. As was the bacon, smoked and from local Cannon Hall Farm and equally, I have no complaints about the sausage pattie. My friend had Nutella waffles. She was speechless. In fact, we pretty much both were. We just sat in silence and ate.

As one of those rare breeds that doesn't drink coffee, I can't say anything about it except that it looked pretty. If you're like me, luckily they have wide range of other soft drinks including smoothies and shakes, made with none less than Sheffield's very own Our Cow Molly ice cream. Oh, and the cakes! They looked amazing and I regretted not getting one every step of the way home. Next time, for sure.

There are a few other things I need mention. They call their staff the Cabin Crew which is the cutest thing ever. There are bears everywhere, not real life ones although there is one which is scarily close. They have sofas with cushions AND blankets. The toilets are instagrammable. There's a cute little gift shop located inside which is the kind of place you could by your Mum a present which is handy because it's Mother's Day on the 26th. I am in love with this place. I don't even need to wait to get paid to back either because this place is so affordable.

The only con I can think of is the view: a Wickes. Although after about 10 mins I forgot I would have forgotten that I was even in Sheffield if it wasn't for the Yorkshire accent. If this is the closest I get to a log cabin in the Rocky Mountains, I'll still die happy.

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