the first rant

The first of many, undoubtedly. A lot of bloggers, that I've come across anyway, pledge positivity. I am not one of those bloggers. Don't get me wrong, where necessary I'll always at least *try* to remain optimistic but on a week like this one, I just need to have a good old fashioned bitch. You see, I'm PMSing. I'm in the kind of mood where my boyfriend could just look at me and I'd start an argument. Sorry, babe. Here is a list of other things that have left me royally pissed off lately. I can already hear some of you rolling your eyes along with me through the screen.

1. The fact that Pull & Bear considers a size 10, a large. I was doing my daily rounds of the online New In sections and ASOS was, of course, at the top of my list. When I saw this adorable red and white striped bardot number, my heart sunk and my tummy did a little flip: I was in love. That was until the appalling size range was appealed via the (now dreaded) dropdown menu. I'm still not over it a whole two days later.

2.  Blogging about blogging. Not in general. I really do welcome genuine advice, particularly regarding the technical aspects of running and maintaining a blog. However, surely the generic 50+ Lifestyle (or whatever else is popular) Post Ideas and such are redundant by now. I'm being kind - they're actually really boring and they've never actually given me a new idea.

3. When I hear a phone vibrating on TV but I mistake it for my real life phone. How do they make it sound and somehow even feel real? Anyway, I get annoyed because it gives me false hope that someone wants to talk me. I didn't realise how sad that sounded until I read that back. I'm sure your hearts weep for me.

4. The lack of vanilla milkshakes available in supermarkets. Fruit milkshakes shouldn't be a thing and all varieties should be replaced by vanilla and maybe, cookies and cream too. I did recently discover that ASDA do a Vanilla flavoured milk and it's actually, surprisingly, quite nice. Whilst it inevitably lacks the creamy thickness of a milkshake, at 60p per bottle, I'm willing (albeit, reluctantly) to compromise.

5. Competitions that make you tag your friends to enter. I don't have many friends. I have two best friends and one of those is absent from all social media platforms after a detox went so well she decided to never return. That leaves me with a grand total of one person to tag which just isn't working out in the current climate of tag two or three friends in the comment section for a chance to win. Some of us just aren't that popular, so please stop.

6. Fidget spinners.

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