my tinder success story

As told in 9 stages. We matched on Tinder and he messaged me first something along the lines of 'you've got to be catfishing me?'. We didn't waste anytime and arranged to meet within a day.

the first date
This was in fact my first date ever. We met in a shitty Spoons but I didn't mind because I love Spoons. Who doesn't!? He greeted me with a handshake which I found strange. I really fancied him, still do obviously. He's ginger and has that kind of smile that melts your heart a little bit. We sat down, he bought me a drink and we got chatting. I don't have anything to compare it too but it seemed like a fairly standard first date. I was quite quiet, I always am. I'm not much of a talker but luckily he was and so there were no memorable awkward pauses. I do remember he spent a lot of time looking behind me at a fruit machine instead of looking directly at me. I put it down to nerves. Apparently, it looked like I wasn't having any fun beacause whilst my date was using the toilet, I was unexpectedly approached by a woman who had been sat having a drink with a group of friends on a nearby table. She looked concerned, asked if I was OK and offered me an exit strategy. I politely declined.

the third date
The Netflix and chill date. I went to his house and was firstly was greeted by a front room full of flatmates. He then attempted to make us a dinner of pasta and packet sauce. I struggle to eat in front of people sometimes and so I only managed a few bites. We watched a film on Netflix from start to finish but I don't remember a single second of it. All I remember was being sat awkwardely cross-legged on his bed not knowing how to behave. As I anticipated a sleepover, I brought my cute little booty shorts and an oversized tee to sleep in. Once the film was over, I hurried to the bathroom to get into my PJs. I was unashmedly very forward in my approach and it is safe to say that the shorts had the desired effect. In case it wasn't glaringly obvious, we slept together for the first time. The sex was not bad. There was potential and that's all that mattered.

the fitfth date
I don't like to relive this one and for reasons that will soon become very apparent, I will keep it short and (not so) sweet. I managed to get us tickets to see Wilkinson who is a drum and bass producer we discovered we both liked. I went over to his for prinks but I'd already started drinking which was my first mistake. We sat on sofas across from eachother and the night began. The next thing I recall is waking up the following morning in his bed and beside me was a trail of my own sick leading to a bowl beside the bed.

will you go out me?
These five little words remind of being back in secondary school. I remember wondering if anyone would ever ask me. They didn't. Until now, that is. He'd planned to ask me at Nando's, the hallmark of quality, although it actually took half a chicken, a of couple of drinks and a bus journey back to mine for him to find the courage to actually ask. I said yes without hesitation. He made it Facebook official and I was not ready for that so much so that I hid it from my profile for a while.  I'm a changed woman now, I now even have his name in my bio.

I love yous exchanged
He said it first. He was drunk at his 20th birthday party. A few weeks later, I said it. I sent him an anonymous message to his Tumblr saying I love you. I know, I'm so cute. We both said it extremely early.

lessons in love
I've never fallen in love with anyone before. I thought I'd be a member of #teamforeveralone, well, forever. I wasn't mad about that either. I love being single. A boyfriend was way out of my comfort zone - I literally didn't know what to do with one. Firstly, it took me ages to feel comfortable referring to him as my boyfriend. It just felt so unnatural to me. Another one of the issues I had was that I didn't know how to show affection. I actually had to turn to Google when he called me out on it. As well as all of that, the time I spent alone had made me quite selfish. All of a sudden I had this whole other person to consider which, to this day, I'm still getting used to. I've since learnt the error of my ways and I think I'm even starting to become one of those good girlfriends you hear about.

The first few times I said I love you, I didn't mean it. I realise that now. I fell in love the way you fall asleep: slowly, and then all at once (John Green's words, not mine). If I finally understand love quotes, I must be in love, right? For now, I can't say whether I'm really in love or not but it feels like I am. In years to come, I may look back at my naive 22 year-old self, roll my eyes and tut but I also hope that I remember how happy I felt in this moment in time.

the argument(s) that test your relationship
We've had a fair few. We even actually broke up once but it lasted a few days, if that. I won't overshare the intimate details but it so happened that I had an important decision to make. I chose to stay with him and over a year later, I don't ever wonder if I made a mistake. We also thought we'd struggle due to distance like many made in university couples do over the holidays. Luckily, our family homes are separated by only 35 miles, door-to-door, which is less than an hours drive away and an equally short train ride.

happy 1 year
On the 25th of last month, we celebrated being together for an entire year. Initially, I didn't think we'd make it work. I was convinced I was a rebound, thankfully I wasn't. Our one year anniversary was spent eating Domino's. A large one. Each. And there was garlic bread, wedges and cookies. The fact that I can truly be myself and eat such quantities of food around him says a lot and may even be the key to lasting this long. We've also made countless memories that don't involve food. The kind of memories that instantly bring an ear-to-ear smile to your face. The best kind of memories.

our future
Although there is no telling what will happen, I can't wait.

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