9 things to look forward to in february

You've probably guessed it, this is an Anti-Valentine's Day post. I'm sure you all know that I'm single by now due to the bitter digs at my ex and the constant references to the break-up. Here's a list of things I'm going to be distracting myself with during the month of love.

1. Celebs Go Dating which starts on 4th starring Queen GC. Gemma Collins is one of the most quotable celebrities, the quotes of which  I'm sure will go on to inspire generations. GC also features heavily in my meme collection. I can't actually remember who else will be on the show because, let's face it, they're not important.

2. Shrove Tuesday falls on the 13th this year. I've already got my 30p Sainsbury's Basics Batter Mix, Jif Squeezy Lemon and sugar purchased. I'm also really looking forward to all the pancake porn across social media.

3. The annual Orchid Festival at Kew Gardens is back for a 23rd year this month. This is one of those events on Facebook that you'll have probably seen some of your friends click *interested* in attending but in reality they'll never go. Well, this is one they definitely should not miss and you shouldn't either.

4. Margarita Day is on the 22nd. Made up days usually piss me off but I love tequila so all is forgiven.

5. Eat Ice Cream For Breakfast Day on the 18th is another made up day which I'm willing to reserve my judgements for. I've been dying to try Halo Top which is both low-calorie and instagrammable so it's a win-win.

6. V-day brings out the best in lingerie retailers. ASOS usually never disappoints but I feel like their collection is lacking this year. Plus size pieces that are actually decent are hard to come by so if you have any suggestions please help a girl out and comment below.

7. Six Nations begins tomorrow. After playing, or at least attempting to, when I was at university I'm looking to try again and join my local team. I always use work as a reason not to go which I know is total bullshit because when I actually have the day off work, I muster up another excuse as to why I'm unable to make it. Anyway, I'm hoping watching some live games will inspire me to finally get off my arse.

8. mytoecold is back! He's my favourite YouTuber and undoubtedly your new favourite too.

9. Lastly, a snap from Team Snapchat on the 14th to really rub salt into the wound of being a single pringle when the 14th comes around.

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