january soundtrack

1, 2: The songs that all the basic bitches are listening too, including me because I’m proudly one 

3: The song I need to stop listening to because it reminds me of an ex 

4: The song my best friend sent me to help get over said ex 

5: The song I cannot stop listening to that I will inevitably get sick of soon enough 

6: The song I keep hearing on that one Apple iPad ad that always plays before YouTube videos these days that I can never get out of my head for the rest of the day once I’ve heard it 
7: The song that goes perfectly with a rainy afternoon tucked in bed hiding from my responsibilities which makes me feel like I've crawled inside my screen into a Tumblr post about depression

8: The song I’m not cool enough to really 'get' but that I listen to anyway 

9: The song that desperately makes me wish I could sing and play the piano

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